The Great Conch Expedition, Part III

We arrived safely out of the jungle and approached the landing where we were to meet our boat.

Luckily our trusty craft and her captain were ready for immediate departure. So far our well laid plans were working.


We boarded our little craft with the rest of our party. The trip over uncharted, open sea was a dangerous one and nerves were taut. We all hoped for a smooth crossing and trusted in the seaworthiness of craft and captain.

The Gods smiled on us this day and our trip to the island of the illusive Great Conch was smooth and uneventful. We all feared, though, that such good luck might not last.

After disembarking, we watched our trusty craft leave for the safety of open water.   


We were marooned on a little known and possibly dangerous island. With much trepidation our group spread out and started the search for the Great Conch.

As we hiked inland, we saw signs of previous life. Like the Lost Colony, we had heard of earlier, more primitive civilizations, which had reportedly met an unknown fate. We all felt a chill in our bones.


Frosty and Tarquin examined some of these artifacts hoping to glean some information as to who they were and what happened to them. But, as is so often the case, the sea and it's land were not about to give up their ugly secrets.

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