The Great Conch Expedition, Part III

The Hooligans began a careful search for signs of the Great Conch.


Tarq found a faint, but distinct sign of the Beast.

The sound of the excited Aroooing was almost deafening, and the hunt was on.

The Hooligans headed for the abandoned Lighthouse in the hope of finding more signs.

When that turned out to be a dead end, they headed back to the water knowing the cunning beast was capable of camouflaging it's trail in the water.


At last the beast was found and captured. Joyful Arooos echoed around the island and even out to sea. Bwana, himself, held the subdued beast before safely stowing it away for transport back to civilization.

Tired  but happy and not wanting to bring down the wrath of King Neptune and the gods of the sea, we hurried to the dock where we were relieved to see the return of our seagoing vessel.

Our trusty captain had us loaded and away in the nick of time, for just on our heels was a large pirate ship. We dared not linger for fear of being boarded and having our trophy snatched from us.

Our tried but happy crew returned home, relieved and excited about their bounty from a sea that is all too often cruel and unforgiving.

Our proud, intrepid explorers show off their captured find.