The Great Conch Expedition, Part II

On the day of our departure, we were awakened at dawn by the soft aroooing sounds of the native Sherpaws as they gathered and loaded the equipment and supplies into the Hooligan Mobile.


The Hooligans had been criticized for hiring these mercenaries and much of the expedition's support from our corporate sponsor - - went to pay for these native Sherpaws.

But the Hooligans knew they would need the help and protection of the Sherpaws, whose allegiance and loyalty had to be bought, if they had any chance of locating the elusive Great Conch. The Hooligans approached two local contractors to hire the most competent, well-trained Sherpaws available.



The Hooligan Mobile was packed and ready to go. It would carry us into the wilderness as far as motorized vehicles could go. After that, we would travel by paw and foot over rugged terrain to reach the shore where we would transfer to water craft. Once we left the relative safety of the Hooligan Mobile we knew the expedition could turn dangerous.


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