Scottie Pie

I always find that when I put the top crust on a pie, I have to trim off the excess. Use this excess to turn your plain pie into a Scottie Pie!

Simply ball up the extra pieces, flour a bread board, and roll the ball of dough into a circle about 1/8" thick. Get out your Scottie cookie cutters, place on the dough, and cut out however many Scotties you want on the top of your pie. You can get extra creative if you have a small heart of star cookie cutter and add those w/the Scotty cutout(s). You could even dress up your Scotties w/cookie trims like sprinkles.

Don't have Scotty cookie cutters? For shame! Never mind, you can make a template from a thin piece of plastic like index dividers available at Staples or Office Max and a drawing or cutout of your favorite Scottie look. Put the Scottie pattern over the plastic and cut it out. Lay over the dough and, with a sharp knife, cut along the pattern cutting  your Scottie shape into the dough. Slip a floured spatula underneath and lift carefully. If the dough sticks to your breadboard, you haven't used enough flour.



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