Miss Evelyn's 90th Birthday Party

April 26, 2006

Frosty and I began visiting Miss Evelyn and the residents at Alterra Sterling House, an assisted living facility located in New Bern, NC, in August, 2003. In December, 2005, Miss Evelyn moved to Two Rivers Nursing Home, and, at the request of the family, we continued to visit her. On her 90th birthday, we were privileged to be invited to her celebration.



Miss Evelyn opens gifts: a beautiful angel pin from Sandy Murphy and an embroidered "Frosty shirt" from, who else, Frosty. Sandy is our mentor in pet therapy and responsible for getting us involved with the national pet therapy organization: Love on a Leash. Miss Evelyn has a lovely collection of angels, and Sandy's contribution makes the perfect addition.


Residents and staff from Alterra Sterling House traveled across town to help celebrate this special birthday.


Miss Evelyn's family brought stuffed animals for every resident in the nursing home.


Frosty in her Highland Kilt         Brenda, on the right, Miss Evelyn's youngest daughter.

Miss Evelyn, Frosty, some of her extended family, and several staff members