Christmas at Alterra, 2004

On Sunday afternoon (12/19/04), Frosty, Tarquin, Scott, and I visited the our friends at Alterra Sterling House. We read a favorite Christmas story, Gift of the Magi, and had punch, hors d'oeuvres, cookies, and cake. Frosty, as Santa Paws, obligingly sat in everyone's lap and listened to whispered Christmas confidences. Tarquin, as the Christmas elf, helped spread holiday cheer. A great time was had by all!



Jean especially loves visits from the Scotties as she recently lost her Sheepdog, Mary Poppins. Ms. Spivey loves to give out pats and hugs.


Ms. Kay (in red plaid) is the resident gardener.


Ms. Dotty                                                           Ms. Evelyn


Ms. Mildred is about the oldest resident at 96.  Ms. Spivey hugs Tarquin


Ms. Wages was a telephone operator during WWII and always had Doxies.